Dave's Bio

I have been performing live music for over 40 years as part of many bands all over the west coast of the United States. I am currently residing in beautiful Oceanside, California.

I have played acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, and string bass for many years, and I can sing over 500 songs in many different genres including country, classic rock, jazz, blues, and R&B.

My band, Big Trouble, plays Classic Rock and Country music.  I am also working with several other bands including the Wii3 Band, and Showdown both of which play country and classic rock. Occasionally I get solo jobs and sub for other musicians in a few other groups. Check the calendar of upcoming shows on this website to know where to go to see great music in North San Diego County, The Inland Empire, and Orange County.

I am always looking for new bands, venues, and parties to play so contact me please for more info and pricing.

Check my Upcoming Shows page

for great live music coming soon!

A couple of years ago!

A couple of years ago!