I have been performing live music for over 40 years as part of many bands in different venues of all sizes all over the west coast of the United States.

My first appearance onstage was in Downey Children's Theater which only lasted until I saw my brother playing with his band, The Nervous System. I formed my first band in 7th grade and I haven't stopped gigging since. Don't ask me to list all of the bands I have been a part of, because I don't remember half of them.

I am proficient in guitar, bass, string bass, and piano, and I can sing over 500 songs in many genres including country, classic rock, jazz, blues, R&B, etc.

I am currently playing almost every weekend with The Showdown Band featuring Rhonda Rolling (see photo to the right) and I am now also working with several other bands including The Universals, N8TIVE, and a great tribute act FleetLook Back.. I also play occasional solo gigs (in my spare time!). See the calendar of shows on this website to know where to go to see great music in The Inland Empire and South Orange County.

I am always looking for new venues and parties to play so contact me please for more info and pricing.